Color and Culture Photographer #ShotByDani Give Us Her Top 5 Photo Tips

Images by Dani

Dani, a New York-based photographer brings culture and vibrancy to the forefront of her work. Getting her start in high school she radiates what it truly means to be an artist. Staying true to her aesthetic she doesn’t follow the commercialized blueprint of what it means to be a photographer. Referencing culture in all she does she tells us, “everything I do trickles back to my neighborhood, my people and myself”. Always remembering her purpose behind the photos she takes, she continuously displays self-love within her works. Inspired by David LaChapelle, Dani’s focus on bold and beautiful colors allow her photographs to emanate bliss – something she states her community “needed”. With a goal to “exude self-love within [her] community,” she continues to make purposeful strides in her art. 

With all she's learned along the way, Dani gives us her top five photo tips. Get into these gems, apply it to your work and go be great!

Tip #1 - Learn Your Purpose

“Learn your purpose, learn why you even want to do photography, learn why you want to shoot even if its landscape, fashion, portrait – whatever it may be you need to learn your purpose.”

Tip #2 - Stay True to Yourself

“Stay true to yourself [because] if you’re true to yourself you would know that no one is your competition. You’re yourself and no one can compete with that. Everyone is unique and who said one thing is better than the other.”

Tip #3 - Utilize YouTube as a Tool

“Technical wise, YouTube is the best tool when you want to learn technical things. From the smallest of things… just go to the search bar on YouTube and search it up. That’s how I taught myself how to edit.”

Tip #4 - Have Fun

“Don’t forget to have fun! For any artist you need to have fun with it because at the end of the day it’s your time that you’re spending and it’s your life. You don’t want to waste your time, life and creativity doing something you don’t want to do.”

Tip #5 - Invest in your Art 

“Invest! Being a photographer you have to get certain things that’s necessary for your craft and if you invest, not only your money but your time to learn, sit-down and really put in the time to really perfect your craft you will be amazing at what you do. And that goes even beyond photography.”