Millennial Motivation: The #GirlBoss Way

girl boss 1.png

Image Source, Karen Ballard/Netflix

The Netflix series #GIRLBOSS provides an outline of Nasty Gal's brand, book, and creator Sophia Amoruso. The television show originally created by Kay Cannon was recently released on April 21, 2017. The story is divided into 13 episodes with each at about 26 minutes in length. Starring Britt Robertson as 23 year old Sophia, the actress plays the free spirited founder that created the million dollar online boutique in 2006. Throughout this series, viewers can expect the loose events that led the brand to where it is today. Directed by Christian Ditter, Jamie Babbit, Amanda Brotchie, Steven Tsuchida, and John Riggi the five direct the series in a unique way that comes together to flow in perfect symmetry. Amoruso collaborates with streaming service company Netflix to create a comedy on the balance of boos, business, and best friends.

Of millennial descent, this eccentric and sassy boss throughout the Netflix original series sifts her way through the lows and highs of mastering adulthood. A true Cali girl at heart, Amoruso was born in the city of San Diego. Eventually finding her way from Washington, Oregon, and a little bit of everywhere in between Amoruso finds her way to San Francisco where the story begins to really blossom. Amoruso's unique past of shoplifting, dumpster diving, and you guessed it...vintage clothing which all play a part of the founder’s transition from freegan to girlboss. The series begins with the breakdown of Amoruso’s car in which she then has to push the car up the hilly city of San Francisco. This scene ultimately foreshadows the life of the Nasty Gal creator as her life, much like a hill found her way pushing up the ladder of success. While working as a security guard in San Francisco's Academy of Art University, Amoruso created at first a simple eBay shop to flip classic yet trendy vintage pieces from local thrift stores in San Francisco. Soon, the founder would find that this simple vintage shop would turn into Nasty Gal vintage. Amoruso finding great deals and even greater pieces would Style and photograph these clothing pieces on models or herself. A true hustler at heart, Amoruso proves the millennial not only excels creatively but in business as well.

Showing no direct map to becoming an entrepreneur, Amoruso throughout her book and series can be seen taking three steps back just to move five steps forward. Being diagnosed with depression and attention deficit disorder at a young age, Amoruso motivates viewers to take advantage of one’s own destiny despite the circumstance. While many shy away from their adventurous beginnings of adulting, Amoruso contributes many of these events to her success of launching a million dollar business from the ground up.

As the storyline unfolds, enjoy the miscellaneous fun and interesting lessons of Amoruso’s creation of the Nasty Gal heritage. It was her original idea of creating a career where she could stay in her bed that now has her everywhere but home. The series allows viewers to essentially grow with her throughout the storyline of the series. Viewers will laugh at Sophie’s quirky friends, feel motivated by millennial ambition, and ultimately find their inner Girlboss.