Cool, Curly, Creatives: My Top Five Moments Of CurlFest 2017

1. Dream Team

I had the pleasure of being selected to volunteer for Curlfest 2017. Once selected, I was given a shift working with the Dream Team. Once I arrived, I was given a Curlfest 2017 tank top and sis went to work! I helped put together bags full of natural goodies for the guest of the festival. It was so much fun meeting so many women and men that were up for lending a helping hand for the natural hair movement! We worked hard, laughed, took pictures and of course, exchanged instagram profiles! While just being in the atmosphere was enough, the volunteers got their own little bags of natural products to take home.

2. Hype Crew

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 1.56.33 AM.png

The hosts with the most energy and upliftment, Cassandra Nuamah and Anowa Adjah kept the crowd in great spirits! The music at the festival played the ultimate summer tunes, keeping the crowd dancing to Hip-Hop, Soca, and so much more. Major shoutouts to the DJ’s at Curlfest, DJ C. DeVone and Nana Kwabena, who provided great music selections for all the naturals to jam to. I can be shy at times but the amount of dance off's going on during the festival forced me to shake a tailfeather!

3. Empowerment Circle

The festival also included empowerment talks which provided motivation, enlightenment, and passion for all those in attendance. I even got to sit on a little of the talk with Spike Lee as well as the cast from Netflix’s She’s Gotta Have It. During this panel, discussions of the natural hair movement and the series debuting this November were the topics of conversation. I left this circle feeling like a powerful black woman with natural hair that can do ANYTHING!

4. Hair and Makeup Products

Now would it be a festival without products to purchase and sample?! Of course not! During the festival some of the natural hair communities favorite products were for sale and some even given out for free! Some of the sponsors at the festival included Shea Moisture, Creme of Nature, Iman Cosmetics, Camille Rose, and so many more. I enjoyed a few free products from Curls and makeup from Iman.

5. Natural Runway Show

Last but certainly not least was the crowd at the festival! Everyone came to slay with their twist out's, fro's, and clothes on FLEEK! Taking a look around during the festival provided me with so much pride to be apart of the black and natural community. From flowers and hair accessories to tribal print dresses and outfits, everyone that showed up to Curlfest 2017 definitely showed out. I’m pretty sure everyone left with at least five different new hairstyles they wanted to try, I know I did! Curlfest brought together many people from different walks of life and I’m so happy that I was apart of it this year. I cannot wait for Curlfest 2018, I know that this is only just the beginning!