Let's Talk About It: Catcalling is NOT a Compliment

Image Source, The Odyssey

Image Source, The Odyssey

For most, the ideology that catcalling is not a flattery of any sort, is pretty clear. But it’s for those who don’t see catcalling as problematic that we must shine light to such a curable annoyance. Now, catcalling can be binary, but it’s an alarming amount of men that don’t see any harm in objectifying women. A study from from the Stop Street Harassment organization, showed that 99% of women have experienced some form of street harassment. That means that a larger portion of women have been a target of sexist comments at least 26 times in their lives, kissing noises at least 25 times, and followed at least 6 times. So besides the fact that street calling women is a daily occurrence, it is making our women feel unsafe. In a society where women are already subjugated in every aspect of ourselves, why enhance the oppression?

I created a piece that serves as an expression of the significance and disdain of catcalling women, based on victims that are friends, sisters, mothers and Queens.

I don’t know why they call it catcalling cuz’ you beckon me so dog like,

You whistle do Dad like cept’ you’re not my Dad and I don’t feel safe.

You yell words that mean love, but I just feel hate, you wonder why I

Rock a straight face.

Why I pull my skirt down?

Why I pick up my pace?

I can be so confident but you make me uncomfortable.

You whisper your fantasies, while licking your lips like I am a lunchable.

“Good morning, beautiful” you say, eye raping young girls cuz’ her grown hips sway.

Don’t care that she’s jailbait.

You’ll hit it anyway, you say this to my face.

As I walk away I get a “that’s why you’re ugly anyway”.

So you couldn’t think of no other words to say.

I would’ve settled for a “alright, have a good day, miss”

And if I snatched back my dignity you took from me I’d hold my hands out and say

Cover your eyes, my body is not for your enjoyment

Years down the line, your daughter will think this is a compliment.

She’ll be dependent on men to build up her confidence.

I’d say I’m sorry for your miseducation of women

I apologize for that what’s between my thighs holds you unaccountable.