Adventures in Tokyo for Chanel's New Gabrielle Bag Campaign Featuring Willow Smith

Image Source, CHANEL

Image Source, CHANEL

Iconic and game changing, luxury French brand Chanel recently launched another installment of their Gabrielle Bag Series. This time around the face of this super fun Ad was none other than Willow Smith. At the tender age of 15 she became their Brand Ambassador and since then has been a huge inspiration on fashion. You may even remember the Eyewear Campaign she did with them last year where she made wearing glasses a true fashion statement.

Seen wandering the streets of Tokyo Willow causally sports different variations of the Gabrielle bag while exploring new reads, riding the train, trying new friend and even making new friends with a group of small school children who gave her a small gift. Each scene vibrantly translates what Chanel, as a brand is about seamlessly.

Without a doubt Chanel definitely takes creativity to an entirely different level and we love it! Not afraid to be daring or different Chanel since 1921 has been making history and creating moments that will continue to live on for generations to come.   

Check out the Tokyo filled adventure below!