JAY-Z’s Trilogy: 3 Rules To Life

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A Monday night filled with nostalgia and plans for the future was sprouted at Jay-Z’s 4:44 Tour at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. It provided all the crowd needed. The artist filled the seats of the arena, serenading the crowd with endless hits from throughout his career. Upon arriving, little did I know I would leave with a new view on life, hustle, and growth. In between set changes and tempos, Jigga had a few messages of appreciation and motivation to his supporters in the audience. With some time to reflect in the midst of his most prized lyrics, I was able to create three rules of life I’d like to call Jay-Z’s Trilogy. 

1. “World can’t hold me, too much ambition”

      (On To The Next One, The Blueprint 3)   

Watching the timeline of Jigga’s career in the music industry is both inspiring and intimidating. I mean, look at all he’s done not only as an artist and lyricist but as a MOGUL! While we all have anticipated dreams and aspirations, Jay-Z is the true example of an ever-evolving idea that we can do whatever we put our minds to! Do not set limits to your abilities on the things you can and will do.

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2. “I guess even back then you can call me. CEO of the R-O-C”

       (Public Service Announcement, The Black Album)

During the concert, Jay-Z mentioned the manifestation of his current title as the best rapper alive before his time. He saw greatness in his self, a feeling that many of us feel once we find our calling. It is important on your journey to success to see like rule number 1, everything you can be. This rule, in my opinion, is most important! Sometimes it takes that vision in yourself to push you forward, even when those around you can’t quite see it yet. 

3. “All the rappers be hatin, off the track that I’m makin

      (Dirt Off Your Shoulder, The Black Album)

There are often obstacles we have to overcome and naysayers we have to ignore. Coming into contact with one or both of these is ultimately inevitable, in fact, it’s apart of the process on the quest to your success! In the rapper’s most recent album, 4:44, discussion of supporting one another rather than hating on each other was heavily emphasized. Focusing more on the naysayers CAN hinder your growth and stunt your movement! 

Surround yourself with people who are just as inspired, if not MORE to get what they desire. By following the two previous rules, and retaining some knowledge from the one and only Jigga man, you can tune out all noise and distractions, finding yourself with the ultimate tunnel vision!