Franken-Fashion, Gucci Models Carry Severed Head Down Runway


Alessandro Michele, known as one of fashion's most daring visionaries since taking over as creative director of Gucci back in 2015 has taken many risks. Far from the confines of fashion norms, Michele has transformed his shows into experiences - extending far beyond fashion, with some well-received and others termed as leaving people indifferent. And this year's show was no exception.

Image Source, Gucci

Image Source, Gucci

Recently launching Gucci's fall 2018 collection at Milan Fashion Week Michele had us all turn heads with this year's Franken-fashion concept. Taking place in an operating room of sorts, models debuted down the aisles with their fake severed head in hand. What a peculiar way to denote fashion. Designed by special effects developer, Makinarium, Gucci describes this strange concept as, "Reflect[ing] the work of a designer — the act of cutting, splicing, and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them." Gucci takes the cake for creepy, mad scientist vibes for sure!

Images Source, Vogue

While it's not sure if we'll see much of these looks worn this fall it sparks a conversation about the future of fashion and art for that matter.