Appreciate the Underground: 3 New Artists on the Rise


Through the power of the Internet music has been so much easier to share than trying to get a play on the radio. With so many musicians from around the world sharing and releasing their music online, it’s possible to find new songs everyday. Here is a list of new upcoming artists that you need to know about.


Image Source, Tumblr

If you’re looking for music that will make you feel like you’re on a beach far, far, far away; Yeek is your man. Yeek is a singer/songwriter from LA whose music focuses on the ups and downs of love and loneliness. His newest project “Sebastian” is a collection of smooth vocals over rocky beats that include the singles “Only in the West” and “Away”. His work is definitely in a lane of it’s own giving a new meaning to what California soul really is. You can listen to his song “Away” right now through the Soundcloud player below.

2. Jorja Smith

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The United Kingdom is home to some of the greatest singers. That is exactly where new R&B soul bird Jorja Smith hails from. The 19-year-old songstress first stepped into the spotlight through her song “Blue Lights” back in 2016 taking on the topic of police brutality. She then released a single titled “Where Did I Go?” where the singer talks about loosing herself in an unhealthy relationship. The single followed up with a video that Smith made herself, singing to us through what seems to be her own webcam. She recently reached a higher status of fame after Drake featured her on the dance track “Get It Together” from his newest album “More Life”. With all these new eyes on Jorja Smith, we hope she continues to deliver beautiful melodies to soothe our souls. Check out Smith’s newest single “Beautiful Little Fools” below.

3. Steve Lacey

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So happy to introduce you to this artist even though you probably have been hearing his work for a while. If you’re a fan of the Grammy nominated band “The Internet” then you know of the talented man Steve Lacy on bass. This year members of the band have all been releasing solo projects and Lacy’s “Steve Lacy’s Demo EP” is defiantly a solid body of work. Released back in February, Lacy’s first solo stands on its own from the work of the band but also shows what he contributes to the band’s signature sound. The demo consists of six songs with the longest tune being only three minutes long. Songs like “Ryd” and “Looks” are short but sweet tunes that give a visual of warm weather and seduction while “Some” asks for companionship and love while changing melody midway through. Lacy not only created solo tunes for his this amazing EP, but he also has a Soundcloud filled with solo works such as “C U Girl” and “Out of Me Head”. Check out the video for Lacy’s songs “Ryd/Dark Red” below.