The Ultimate Mix: 25 Sade Songs Celebrating Her Angelic Sound


25 years ago today the effortless Sade dropped her Love Deluxe album. In honor of this, we’ve provided you with our ultimate Sade mix comprised of 25 of our favorite tunes from the singer's many albums. With an artistry, like no other, Sade’s music embodies the journey of life we’re all on – from love to lost, sorrow and fear she captures both the beauty and pain in growth, learning and letting go.

Drift off in your thoughts as you jam out to our playlist, it's truly an ethereal experience. 

1. "No Ordinary Love," Love Deluxe

2. "The Sweetest Taboo," Promise

3. "Kiss Of Life," Love Deluxe

4. "Is It A Crime," Promise

5. "Smooth Operator," Diamond Life

6. "By Your Side," Lovers Rock

7. "Your Love Is King," Diamond Life

8. "King Of Sorrow," Lovers Rock

9. "Cherish The Day," Love Deluxe

10. "Haunt Me," Stronger Than Pride

11. "Bullet Proof Soul," Love Deluxe

12. "Feel No Pain," Love Deluxe

13. "Paradise," Stronger Than Pride

14. "Lovers Rock," Lovers Rock

15. "Still In Love With You," The Ultimate Collection

16. "Soldier Of Love," Soldier Of Love

17. "Pearls," Love Deluxe 

18. "Skin," Soldier Of Love

19. "The Moon and the Sky," Soldier Of Love

20. "In Another Time," Soldier Of Love

21. "Love is Stronger than Pride," Stronger Than Pride

22. "Hang on to Your Love," Diamond Life

23. "Immigrant," Lovers Rock

24. "Every Word," Lovers Rock

25. "Keep Looking," Stronger Than Pride