The Importance of SZA and the Anticipation for “CTRL”

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After a long hiatus of releasing new tunes, the funky new wave R&B songstress SZA, is back and we’re more than excited for her return. The first lady of TDE definitely has solidified herself as not only a vocal powerhouse, but also a leading figure for carefree black girls everywhere. SZA first came into the scene through her mixtape “See.SZA.Run” which was released in 2012 and followed it with her second mixtape “S” in 2013. It was because of the success of these two projects and her viral hit song “Teen Spirit”, that she was able to release her first solo album “Z” in 2014. “Z” brought a sound to R&B that wasn’t really heard before and was a mixture between Erykah Badu and Bjork vibes, which was a collective of songs like no other. The two hits that stemmed from this album were her songs “Child’s Play” featuring Chance, The Rapper and “Babylon” featuring her fellow TDE mate Kendrick Lamar.

Not only did SZA bring a sound that was like no other, she also brought style. When playing at music fests or posting Insta pictures, SZA brought a carefree, down to earth look that consisted of dirty converse, overalls, and an occasional basketball tank here and there that was unique to her core personality. She even went through an era of dying her hair red where herself and fans coined her “The Black Pepper Ann”.

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Now after a 3-year hiatus of releasing her own music, she’s come to finally bless our music loving souls yet again. Earlier this year SZA released a track titled “Drew Barrymore” that was a somber story of an unbalanced relationship. It was a more indie soul sound that was a little different from the tracks that were presented on “Z”. With a tambourine jingling in the background along side a thumping drum, this tune brings you into a visual of lonely car rides, warm nights, and smoke in the air. SZA performed “Drew Barrymore” on Jimmy Kimmel back in January to rave reviews, giving fans more excitement for her upcoming album “CTRL”.  You can listen to the tune below.

SZA also dropped the next single off her upcoming album in April titled “Love Galore” featuring Travis Scott. This one is a little different from the previously released single, where we get a more hip-hop inspired sound like most tunes from “Z”. In the song SZA once again points out the dirty deeds of a lover in a relationship with lyrics like “Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me? Why you bother me when you know you got a woman?”.

Her soulful voice matched with the grittiness of Travis Scott’s rhymes makes a more than perfect combination. The same day SZA released the new single, she debuted the video as well featuring her wearing a lingerie ensemble and room full of butterflies. Overall, SZA is back and with the anticipation of CTRL to drop anytime now, we are more than excited to hear what this mystical songstress will gift us with this summer. Watch the new video for “Love Galore” below. 

On May 25th, 2017 SZA took to Instagram and dropped three short videos with each caption spelling out “SZA”. In these videos SZA is in what looks like a forest in front of a pile of old computers as Wu-Tang master RZA spits some bars announcing the arrival of SZA’s new album. The next day SZA then dropped the album cover of “Ctrl” on Instagram with the caption “6.9.17”.

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With “Ctrl” coming very soon, we are more than excited to have SZA’s new tunes carry us through warm winds all summer long!