Cool Covers for the Summer: Songs of the Summer Get A New Twist

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This year has truly been a great year for music and with so many great tunes emerging from our favorite artists everyday, there is so much inspiration for other artists to feed off of. From SZA to Solange, many artists are having their own songs covered by other artists putting their own spin on hit singles. Here are some gnarly covers of some songs you might be covering in your own shower.


One of the greatest songs of summer 2017 is SZA’s hit single ‘Love Galore’, and we still aren’t even close to being sick of it. After dropping her first full length project Ctrl back in June, SZA has been doing nothing but spreading vibes and inspiration all summer long. One new aspiring singer Amir Kelly got a little recognition thanks to SZA’s hit single. Kelly recently covered the song and uploaded it to his Soundcloud and also pairing it with a music video uploaded to his new YouTube channel. With smooth vocals and a dreamy melody, Kelly really puts his own style on the hit track.

Check out the video for Amir Kelly’s cover of ‘Love Galore’ below.


With the one year anniversary of A Seat at the Table coming up in September, Solange’s leading ballad ‘Cranes in the Sky” is still influencing and inspiring us all just as much as when it was first released. With covers all over YouTube of the magical melody one of her peers and fellow collaborators, Sampha gave the song a little twist. Stripping the song down to just his unique voice and his piano, Sampha brings a new feel to the song that only he could articulate so beautifully. Solange recently took to twitter to thank Sampha and claiming his cover brought her to tears. Listen to the new rendition through the video below. 


One the biggest songs of the summer is DJ Khaled’s ‘Wild Thoughts’ featuring Bryson Tiller and the ever so beautiful Rihanna. With most of us singing this all day in our heads, singers J-Sol and Meron Addis decided to throw some mics in a backyard and give us an amazing cover to what was already an amazing track. Not only does this cover contain the original lyrics to the song but also parts of the original Maria Maria and Destiny Child’s 'Independent Women' are covered in this version as well. It’s a really unique cover and both singers vocally are pure magic, especially together. Check out the J-Sol and Meron Addis cover below.