HBO's "Insecure": 5 Songs You Need to Know from Season 2

Image Source, HBO

Image Source, HBO

“Insecure” is back on HBO and we couldn’t be more excited! If you know anything about this must see hot show then you’re pretty up to date on the complicated life of Issa Dee played by the beautiful and immensely gifted Issa Rae. With Season 1 being a smash hit and ending with one of greatest cliffhangers of all time, HBO brought back Season 2 earlier last month and let’s just say we’re all obsessed! With only two episodes out for Season 2 so far we’re anxious to see how the narrative will play out this go round. Not only does this show have a great story line and an amazing cast, but its always playing, amazing music during and while transitioning in between scenes. With music consultants Raphael Saadiq and Solange Knowles, there is no possible way the show’s soundtrack is anything short of amazing. So, here are five songs that you may have heard while watching this season that you’ll definitely WANT to add to your music library. 

Lick (feat. Offset) – Cardi B

In episode one Issa throws a party to try and up her confidence from losing Lawrence and attempts to look cool in front of him when he comes to pick up his mail. During the party scene you probably heard an upbeat rap track from up and coming female rapper Cardi B. With her fame on the rise, it’s perfect that the show decided to use this tune to vibe with Issa’s new “not caring” attitude in this party scene. Watch the video for "Lick" below.

Let It Burn - Jazmine Sullivan

The end of episode one had us all gasping when… (don’t worry we won’t ruin it for those who haven’t seen it yet) but, lets just say Jazmine Sullivan’s “Let It Burn” was definitely fitting of the mood. Singing about the fearful feeling of falling in love yet still going through the acts that come with being in love really fits the last scene perfectly as the show transitioned into the credits. Listen to “Let It Burn” below and you’ll understand why it was selected for that scene (if you haven’t seen it get ready).

Dent Jusay (feat. Syd & Steve Lacy) – Matt Martians

In episode two Issa takes a trip to meet up with her crew at a black art exhibit. In the scene the girls are chatting in front of an art piece while the soulful melody “Dent Jusay” by Internet band mate Matt Martians plays in the background. This year has been an amazing one for the Internet, as all band members took a break from the group to release their own solo projects. Matt’s project as a whole is a melody of soulful electronic stories and Dent Jusay is just a small portion of the magic on his album. You can listen to the tune below. 

Jump Hi (feat. Childish Gambino) – Lion Babe

So far this season Molly has been working on building herself up in her career. After finding out some shady news going on in the firm she works for, she continues to be all about making her way to the top. In one scene of episode two Molly decides to take a trip to a hockey game to mingle with her fellow co-workers and get closer to her boss. During this scene Lion Babe’s tune “Jump Hi” played in the background. The heavy beat and demanding lyrics really capture Molly’s mood of making her way to the top of the firm. You can watch the amazing video for “Jump Hi” below.

Supermodel – SZA

In the last scene of episode two Issa is feeling a wave of insecurity after the news she received from Molly regarding her relationship with Lawrence. The last look we get is Issa laying on her bed searching for love in the wrong place, a ‘hookup’ app. With this scene it’s no surprise the show picked SZA’s “Supermodel” song to fit the mood. As she through her lyrics tell a story of being in an unhealthy relationship where she was looking for confidence in someone else because she couldn’t see it in herself the episode ends with Issa swiping through this app, messaging men for hookups. It leaves viewers to dove into much needed conversations about the importance of knowing your worth and loving yourself despite what may be going on in your life. You can listen to SZA’s song “Supermodel” below and check out the new video for the tune exclusively on Apple Music.