Rapper Kay Anthony's New Short Film Is A Must See

Image Source, Instagram

Image Source, Instagram

Since its inception, music has always been powerful. The recent watering down of the art contained within its messages tends to get overlooked a lot.  Thankfully, music’s millennial generation are taking strides to talk about the very things that deserve a conversation, things that are important, things that matter, things that have the ability to spark change.

A millennial in particular, one millennial worth mentioning is Brooklyn rapper Kay Anthony who’s been making strides within the context of his music. Since speaking with us back in July, after dropping his visuals to “Forgive Me 2,” Kay has been working on a lot of other projects, with his most recent being the short film for his song “Demons/Paranoia”. In this, he opens up about his inner struggles and shares a rather intimate part of his life as someone who battled with depression. 

Directed by Wicked Swamii the short film opens with Kay chanting, “demons wanna bury me, I think these demons wanna bury me” while navigating a world where escaping the overbearing nature of demons, symbolizing the evils and temptations that plague an imperfect world pose as a challenge. Taking us through the thoughts that consume his mind, Kay is able to create a dialogue on the importance of self-care as it pertains to mental health.

As he continues to share his story and spark much-needed change through his music we hope others realize that they too can overcome cumbersome demons, whatever they may be.