A Playlist Dedicated to the Late Great Aaliyah


Today Aaliyah would've been 39 years old. Its hard to believe it's been almost seventeen years since we've lost this angel. In honor of her birthday and her amazing legacy, we've compiled a playlist featuring a few of her songs in honor of her artistry. 

1. "One In A Million," One In A Million (1996)

2. "More Than A Woman," Aaliyah (2001)

3. "Try Again," Aaliayh (2001)

4. "Rock The Boat," Aaliyah (2001)

5. "Are You That Somebody," Dr. Dolittle: The Album (1998)

6. "We Need A Resolution," Aaliyah (2001)

7. "Four Page Letter," One In A Million (1996)

8. "I Don't Wanna," Next Friday (1999)

9. "Come Over," One In A Million (1996)

10. "At Your Best You Are Love," Age Ain't Nothing but a Number (1994)

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