"DAMN." Turns One, Our Favorite Lines From The 14-Track Album


It's been an entire year since Kendrick Lamar released his highly acclaimed album "DAMN." and we're still bumping it like new. Winning 'Best Rap Album' earlier this year at the 2018 Grammy's "DAMN." gives reference to biblical, political and personal experiences in an explorative way that doves deep into the duality of man, corruption that looms this world, and struggles that come forth as a result. Creating vulnerable moments that are seamless, potent and powerful, the album is transformative in its ability to tell a story. 

In honor of the one-year DAMNIVERSARY, we've gone through the 14-track album and pulled out a few of our favorite lines.

1. "BLOOD." 

"Hello ma'am, can I be of any assistance?/It seems to me that you have lost something/I would like to help you find it"/She replied: "Oh yes, you have lost something/You've lost... your life"

2. "DNA."

"Sippin' from a Grammy and walkin' in the buildin'/Diamond in the ceilin', marble on the floors/Beach inside the window, peekin' out the window/Baby in the pool, godfather goals/Only Lord knows I've been goin' hammer/Dodgin' paparazzi, freakin' through the cameras/Eat at Four Daughters, Brock wearin' sandals/Yoga on a Monday, stretchin' to Nirvana"

3. "YAH."

"My cousin called, my cousin Carl Duckworth/Said know my worth/And Deuteronomy say that we all been cursed/I know he walks the Earth/But it's money to get, b**ches to hit, yah/Zeroes to flip, temptation is, yah/First on my list, I can't resist, yah/Everyone together now, know that we forever—"


"Years in the makin', and don't y'all mistake it/I got 'em by a landslide, we talkin' about races/You know this'll never be a tie, just look at their laces/You know careers take off, just gotta be patient/Mr. One through Five, that's the only logic/Fake my death, go to Cuba, that's the only option"

5. "FEEL."

"Feel like the feelin' of no hope/The feelin' of bad dope/A quarter ounce manipulated from soap/The feelin', the feelin' of false freedom/I'll force-feed 'em the poison that fill 'em up in the prison"


"Kung Fu Kenny now/My resume is real enough for two millenniums/A better way to make a wave, stop defendin' them/I meditate and moderate all of my wins again/I'm hangin' on the fence again/I'm always on your mind/I put my lyric and my lifeline on the line"

7. "PRIDE."

"Hell-raising, wheel-chasing, new worldly possessions/Flesh-making, spirit-breaking, which one would you lessen?/The better part, the human heart, you love 'em or dissect 'em/Happiness or flashiness? How do you serve the question?/See, in the perfect world, I would be perfect, world/I don't trust people enough beyond they surface, world/I don't love people enough to put my faith in man/I put my faith in these lyrics, hoping I make amend?"

8. "HUMBLE."

"Ayy, I remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances/Finesse a nigga with some counterfeits, but now I’m countin' this/Parmesan where my accountant lives, in fact I'm downin’ this/D'USSÉ with my boo bae tastes like Kool-Aid for the analysts"

9. "LUST."

"We all woke up, tryna tune to the daily news/Lookin' for confirmation, hopin' election wasn't true/All of us worried, all of us buried, and our feelings deep/None of us married to his proposal, make us feel cheap/Still and sad, distraught and mad, tell the neighbor 'bout it/Bet they agree, parade the streets with your voice proudly/Time passin', things change/Revertin' back to our daily programs, stuck in our ways/Lust"


"Give me a run for my money/There is nobody, no one to outrun me" -Zacari

11. "XXX." (FEAT. U2.)

"It's murder on my street, your street, back streets/Wall Street, corporate offices/Banks, employees, and bosses with/Homicidal thoughts; Donald Trump's in office/We lost Barack and promised to never doubt him again/But is America honest, or do we bask in sin?/Pass the gin, I mix it with American blood/Then bash him in, you Crippin' or you married to blood?/I'll ask again — oops, accident"

12. "FEAR."

"I'll prolly die from one of these bats and blue badges/Body-slammed on black and white paint, my bones snappin'/Or maybe die from panic or die from bein' too lax/Or die from waitin' on it, die 'cause I'm movin' too fast/I'll prolly die tryna buy weed at the apartments/I'll prolly die tryna defuse two homies arguin'/I'll prolly die 'cause that's what you do when you're 17/All worries in a hurry, I wish I controlled things"

13. "GOD."

"Ever since a young man (since a young man)/All I wanna be was a gunman (was a gunman)/Shootin’ up the charts, better run, man/Y'all gotta see that I won, man"


"Reverse the manifest and good karma, and I'll tell you why/You take two strangers and put 'em in random predicaments/Give 'em a soul so they can make their own choices and live with it/Twenty years later, them same strangers, you make 'em meet again/Inside recording studios where they reapin' their benefits/Then you start remindin' them about that chicken incident/Whoever thought the greatest rapper would be from coincidence?/Because if Anthony killed Ducky, Top Dawg could be servin' life/While I grew up without a father and die in a gunfight"

Cover Page Image Source, Spotify