Jay Rock & J.Cole Run Out of Time in "OSOM" Video

What goes around comes around. Karma is always watching. That's the story told in Jay Rock's "OSOM" video. Off his recently released Redemption album, the song featuring J. Cole explore the looming paranoia the partner-in-crime duo experience after carrying out a robbery.

Directed by Jack Begert and Dave Free of The Little Homies the suspense-filled cinematic visual opens to the sound of sirens. Capturing Rock washing the aftermath of the heist off his bloodied hands, a frantic Cole expresses genuine concerns for what just went down. But with the reassurance that "you ain't got nothing to worry about... on God," the two divvy up the loot, stash the rest and lay-low until further notice.

Back to their regularly scheduled programming (at least they think), Rock and Cole attempt to go on with their lives like normal to find it's not that easy. As the chorus eludes "Out of sight, out of mind/Feeling like I'm runnin' out of time," the partners-in-crime would be in a constant state of paranoia and as the ending would reveal, run out of the time.

Check out the video above.