Review: Masego's Debut Album 'Lady Lady'


Last month self-proclaimed "TrapHouseJazz" artist, Masego dropped his debut album Lady Lady, an ode to the women who've left a lasting impression on his life. The 13-track album undoubtedly showed off his range and versatility as an artist and can be heard in songs like "Shawty Fishin' (Blame The Net)" and the infamous "Tadow." Going through each song, from start to finish, you'll find yourself more and more impressed with every new listen.

Masego is definitely, an artist to watch!

PHOTO: Jack McKain

PHOTO: Jack McKain

1. "Silk..."

If silk had a sound, it'd be this. Setting the tone for Lady Lady, "Silk..." the opening track graces listeners to the sublime sounds of piano keys. The one-minute melodic tune offers a soulful start and serves as a beautiful transition to the story told throughout the rest of the album.

2. "I Had A Vision"

The evolution of Masego compared to his younger works is apparent and in "I Had A Vision" we get a taste of that. The soulful and sensual professional silk wearer lets listeners know there are levels to his sound, range, and overall ability as an artist. His music is an art. Simple as that.

3. "Lavish Lullaby"

There's an art, to mumble rap folks, one Masego managed to make sound good. It wasn't overpowering and added just the right amount of personality to the song. Talking fame, big checks and all that follows, as a result, Masego lets listeners know that he's Kobe with the love, scoring "nothin' but net" with the shots he throws. Take notes.

4. “Old Age” (Masego & SiR)

Giving reverence to the Miss Johnson's and Foxy mamas of the world, "Old Age" featuring TDE's very own SiR is a groovy tune honoring the seasoned and sophisticated woman.

5. “Prone”

Track five encapsulates perfectly the "I've been wearing a lot of silk lately" Masego. Sultry and sensual at its core, "Prone" is a vibe, simply put.

6. “Sugar Walls”

This sweet track begins with Masego's beatboxing and is met with a familiar voice of background vocals by Dreamvilles, Ari Lennox. What a perfect combination to this beautiful track.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 2.03.34 PM.png

7. “Queen Tings” (Masego & Tiffany Gouché)

We now, all know Masego "got the jones/For [his] own Rashida" as he gives reverence to the woman he calls Queen in "Queen Tings" with Tiffany Gouché. Comparing lady lady to other amazing women like Solange Knowles and Lisa Bonet, this song is smooth and celebratory of, the Queen she is.

8. “Just A Little” (feat. De’Wayne Jackson)

We're introduced to De' Wayne Jackson telling us to "Wave [our] lighter in the air," so we do just that as we jam out to track eight "Just a Little." As we listen to Masego proclaiming not to love, but maybe just a little the song takes us to yet another side of the artist. One that is presumably the complete opposite of "Queen Tings" Masego.

9. “Shawty Fishin’ (Blame The Net)”

Blame the net. It looks like Masego needs some help shawty fishin'. Considerably one of the more up-tempo songs off the album, his rapping ability, coupled with his usual vocals easily makes this song a hit!

10. “Lady Lady”

You heard it from Masego first, "if you classy but you're reckless, then you gon' get you a necklace lady lady." One of the grooviest tunes on the album evokes a playful feeling. Smooth, mellow and sultry at its core.

11. “24 Hr. Relationship

From "ice cold" to "pinkies up," the two-minute "24-Hour Relationship" interlude (with voices from Masego and Kehlani) was spot on to Andre 3000s "Where Are My Panties?" Who else agrees?

12. “Black Love”

"Black Love" rang a poetic and harmonious tune as Masego foreshadowed his wedding day. With lines like "Feeling bliss, so pure/I know it feels like you can't put in words/That ring, it sings to me a golden tune/It glistens and shines to show the world our love is true," he gave listeners an older, Stevie Wonder-influenced sound you just, might want to add this to your wedding day playlist.

13. “Tadow” (feat. FKJ)

Who knew messing around in a jam session would result into what now is "Tadow." The instrumentals shared by Masego and the talented, FKJ are a beautiful combination that's both soulful and pure. Any music purist is bound to fall in love when they hear this.