American Apparel is BACK... Only Online Though

Image Source, American Apparel/ Instagram

Image Source, American Apparel/ Instagram

Our beloved American Apparel is back again? Back in January rumors surfaced about the company shutting down completely which left many sad, confused and in search of a new job. With 110 stores throughout the U.S. it was said that they would all be closed for good within the span of just a short few months and to no surprise the process of closing 110 different locations as well as its online site began. As months passed ‘AA’ began having crazy sales, doing all they could to rid what was left of their inventory. With many taking advantage of the cyber and in store deals, ‘AA’ was quickly fading and before we knew it, it really was no more… so we thought.

You guessed it, there’s a plot twist en route, ‘AA’ is actually back. Though its resurface is online only, it looks like the brand has been able to pick itself back up by its bootstraps. As it returns to the swing of things, the website which went live last week returned to the “basics” and with its “globally sourced, ethically made, sweatshop free” apparel as stated on its site; the brand is pushing complete transparency with its consumers this go around. Though majority of the items are no longer U.S. made ‘AA’ was sure to highlight the lower price tag that comes with being globally sourced. Reminding its consumers that they “are sweatshop free and ethically made regardless of location,” they give us the option with a few items to purchase it by way of being U.S. made (more expensive) or globally sourced (less expensive), “you decide,” the company states.

Now that the brand is back, the million-dollar question is ‘is it any better than before’? Well, that’s still to be determined but, from the looks of it, many of their pieces look exactly the same. It’s just the beginning of their online revival though, so we expect some new pieces to trickle in really soon. As per their Instagram, the official online launch is tomorrow so, they probably have a few things up their sleeve to make up for lost time and reclaim their spot back in the retail game. 

Only time will tell if the company is back for the long haul but, in the meantime we’ll be tuned in to see how they’ll be revamping and remarketing their brand.