Off-White's 'EM PYT Gallery' is Finally Open in So-Ho


For the past couple of years we’ve been hearing about an Off-White store opening in New York and with locations in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Manchester, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo and Toronto, we’re happy to finally be added to that list. Termed ‘EM PYT Gallery’ the store merges an earthy yet contemporary design and is unlike anything we’ve seen. Without a doubt Virgil’s architectural background aided in him being able to come up with such a dope look and concept for the store.

Located in the heart of So-Ho, the store if it can even be called that is an awesome addition to the City.

Be sure to check it out next time you’re in So-Ho.

Image Source, Eddie Lee/HYPEBEAST

Image Source, Eddie Lee/HYPEBEAST


51 Mercer Street

New York, NY 10013