10 Questions With Stylist Estée Page


Estée Page, your unconventional style maven takes on a different approach to her work as a stylist. Starting six years ago the New York native draws inspiration from the world around her and remains true to her art. Incorporating a little bit of everything in the concepts she comes up with Page is undoubtedly one to watch as her work speaks for itself. With a killer sense of style, she sits with us to give insight on what being a stylist is really like along with some gems she’s picked up on her journey. Check it out below.  

Image Source, Estée Page

Image Source, Estée Page

1. What is a style do?

Research, research, research, research. And you’re not just researching showrooms necessarily because showrooms are fairly easy to find, but researching concepts. I’ll have a concept and I’ll live on Pinterest... building up pictures, finding the right things. Pinterest has everything, that’s also a style do.  

2. What is a style don’t?

Never compromise yourself in terms of styling. Don’t put your name on something you’re not passionate about, that you don’t like, that you don’t believe in.

3. You could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

That’s so hard. I feel like I have a color of the week. This week my color is black, last week it was silver, and next week it will be pink more than likely.

4. Which trends are you loving right now?

It's not a new trend but mixing glamour with street-wear. That’s something I love to do on my own shoots and it’s a concept I see every year at Fashion Week. It’s always interesting to see how people piece it together. 

5. How would you describe your personal style?

Very left to right, it’s always different. I may have the same concept for an outfit like mixing glamour and street-wear but maybe today I’ll wear a tutu and a distressed denim jacket then tomorrow wear a silk high slit skirt and a leather jacket. I mix it up.

6. What are your top 3 style-kit essentials?

Clips, cocoa butter, and extra jewelry. I always bring my personal jewelry on shoots along with stuff that I’ve pulled.

7. Best style pro tip you’ve received:

When I first wanted to branch off and do my own thing Karina Sharif taught me all of the ropes. She put me on to a site called NOT JUST A LABEL and all upcoming designers around the world all post their stuff on that site, and you can reach out to them directly and pull from them. So, that was a good style pro tip she gave.

8. Most memorable styling moment:

I did a shoot with Dani, a photographer she’s next level, amazing and everything just came together we had so much fun. Everything just flowed. It was such a beautiful day and that was the first time I got to pull exactly what I wanted. It's called Alexus on my site.

9. What keeps you inspired as a stylist?

Literally everything around me, everything inspires me.

10. What’s next?

Taking on a different approach along with showcasing more of my personal style, growing my brand, broadening my brand. And I’m also focused on connecting and collaborating with more up and coming brands.