Off-White's Show, An Ode to Feminine Street-Chic Caused Quite A Scene

Image Source, Yannis Vlamos/

Image Source, Yannis Vlamos/

Virgil Abloh during Paris Fashion Week debuted Off-White's "West Village" collection which incited quite the riot... literally. In the age of hype, it isn't surprising that hundreds of Abloh supporters caused such the scene that police got involved in an attempt to calm those who could not make it inside down. What a persistent bunch.

Still, the show went on as planned amid the mosh pit and whistleblowing that was happening outside. This year's collection was an ode to feminine street-athletic-chic, a beautiful merging of sporty yet, elegant. From tans and blues to sheers and ruffles, Off-White offered a soft glam with a hint of edgy. 

Abloh's ability to reinvent streetwear, not to mention create a dominant culture of lovers around it is evidence of his visionary ability. Only having launched Off-White four years ago, it will be interesting to see how he continues to shape fashion. Until then, check out some of the looks from the fall 2018 collection.

Images Source, Yannis Vlamos/