How You Can Help the Victims Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Image Source, Mark Mulligan/ Houston Chronicle

Image Source, Mark Mulligan/ Houston Chronicle

As many know Hurricane Harvey has been both emotionally and financially crippling to the citizens of Texas. Hitting them last Friday, the intense storm left many homeless, fearful and without basic necessities. Amongst the damage Harvey did to homes, many were left without electricity and food including families that housed small children and elderly people.

With thousands of people in need of assistance here are a few ways you can make a difference in an effort to help get Texas back on their feet:

The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund set up by Houston Mayor Sylvester and Judge Ed Emmett allows you to donate monetarily what you can in an effort to help those who need it most. 

With many being without food you can donate any fresh and canned foods you have to the following organizations: Houston Food Bank, Central Texas Food Bank and San Antonio Food Bank

You can also help animals in need by doanting to the Houston Humane Society and Houston Society for the Prevention of of Cruelty to Animals

For families with small children you can donate to Save the Children which gather family oriented relief supplies such as baby supplies like cribs and diapers.

Those who require medical attention can be helped by donating to Direct Relief which supplies medicine and medical supplies for relief victims. 

With all these different organizations in place to make a difference we are able to be a huge blessing in someone else's life.

Our continued prayers remain with the citizens of Texas during this tragic time.