How to Check If Your Facebook Data Was Stolen by Cambridge Analytica


Amid recent privacy breaches concerning Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, it helps to know whether or not your information was amongst the 87 million other users information reported to be stolen and harvested by the British data firm.

Was your data stolen?

There are two ways to know if you’re a casualty of Cambridge Analytica’s data harvesting of user information. For some, an alert will appear in their news feed but, in the instance, you don’t get an alert you can go to Facebook’s Help Center, Was My Information Shared? There you’ll find what you need to know about if your information was used unbeknownst to you. 

While some users breathed a sigh of relief after finding out their information wasn’t used by Cambridge Analytica for many, the unfortunate reality is that theirs was. 

Image Source, Facebook

Image Source, Facebook

Alluded to having ties to the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, the data firm created quite the frenzy. Sparking a very much-needed conversation on the responsibility entities like Facebook have, to the 2.2 billion users it serves.

Though this move to show users Facebook is proactive in its efforts to rectify this enormous issue in which they recognize as a fault of their own, it’s still only the beginning. They’ve barely scratched the surface. Cambridge Analytica is merely one of the potentially several ways third-party data consent was used to collect millions of user information and records.

Acknowledging he made a “huge mistake” in not taking the responsibility, he should’ve with an entity as large and powerful as Facebook, CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has a lot of fixing to do. Facebook is no longer what it was when he began it in his Harvard dorm. Its presence is much larger and if it doesn’t proceed with caution could be a detriment to those who use it.

Cover Image Source, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images