Gucci's Cruise 2018 Fashion Show takes us Back in Time with their Renaissance Themed Collection

Palatine Gallery

This past weekend Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele showcased the Resort 2018 collection in Florence. Consisting of 115 looks, the Palatine Gallery of the Palazzo Pitti, which the Fashion Show was held, complimented Gucci’s Renaissance theme perfectly.

The semblance of the scene that was set beautifully captured the true essence art and fashion interchangeably shares. A true visionary, Michele made clear with this show the power of the Renaissance era. It holds steady, even today. The concept of rebirth usually attached with the Renaissance period exuded through the entire collection giving off both vintage and contemporary vibes. With a hint of edginess the models were intricately decorated and decked with loads of accessories that bought together as well as added to the overarching theme. 

With a close attention to detail, the old saying “all things work together” held true here. From pearl embellished eyebrows, logo-printed socks, gold caps, symbolic “Guccy” sweaters and a long list of other must-have's Michele was able to successful hone in on everything perfectly. The richness of the pieces played well on the dynamism that surrounded the room, creating a perfect balance of symmetry as the story being told through each of the looks unraveled. 

Image Source, Vogue, Yannis Viamos

It's safe to say the palace this event was held at also played a huge role in capturing the story that unraveled through each of the 115 looks shown at the show. Front and center at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, this was a place where art was first viewed. Encompassing intellect and creativity, this home was covered in jaw-dropping artwork from some of history’s most renowned artists. Who wouldn't want to host a fashion show here? It only makes sense to choose such a magnificent place to hold such a event. It's evident that Michele's knack to see something and then execute it, bringing it to life makes him the great creative he is.

The Gucci Cruise 2018 Collection definitely went above and beyond to deliver a great show! Check out the Cruise 2018 Fashion Show and entire collection at