Brace Yourselves, Colourpop Is Coming To Sephora This Fall

Image Source, Instagram/ Colourpop

Image Source, Instagram/ Colourpop

Your favorite $6 lipstick brand is making major moves. Colourpop, which entered our lives almost three years ago has become a fan favorite in the beauty community. We don’t know what the world of cosmetics would be without it. Founders and power siblings Laura and John Nelson have without a doubt taken the makeup world by storm with strategic marketing strategies that actually work. Their focus to put consumers at the forefront make you feel truly apart of the brand and has definitely aided in all of their success thus far.

Since the birth of the duo’s brand, everything’s been online only and though swatching seems inevitable for lippies, shadows and highlighters consumers of the brand have had to make do with online and video reviews only. Though it was a little tedious at first many of us seemed to make it work and became seasoned at purchasing their products online. After all, Colourpop’s prices were almost impossible to pass up. 

This Fall Colourpop will be teaming up with Sephora, which means you’ll be able to walk in store and swatch away, no more guessing your shade or figuring out what lippie looks best on you. This is extremely exciting for all makeup lovers and followers of the brand since its very first days. They were thrilled to announce via Instagram "that [they] will be available in select sephora stores this holiday season” and guess what? The low prices the brand is noted for will remain exactly the same! What’s more perfect than that? 

While there is still more information to be released you can stay tuned for updates with Colourpop on Instagram in the meantime.

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