5 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season


There are tons of ways you can give back, not only during the holiday season but, all year round. Though the list extends far beyond what we’ve cataloged we’ve started you off with 5 different ways you can give back this holiday season. Acts of kindness are contagious and have tendencies to generate a ripple effect so, go out, give back and be the change you want to see in the world. Here are our 5 ways you can give back this holiday season:    

1. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

There are tons of soup kitchens that could use an extra pair of hands, not only during the holiday season but all year round. So, be sure to make a few rounds, volunteer a portion of your time, and extend a helping hand to those in need.

2. Donate to a Food Bank

Your local food bank could always use some extra canned and non-perishable goods so once you’ve found your nearest food bank be sure to take time out of your schedule to donate food and other toiletries to help those who need it most. 

3. Extend an Invitation to Someone

Not everyone has a family to go home to for the holidays so if you’ve made a new friend at school or at work consider inviting them over for a family game night or Sunday dinner during the holiday season. It can add a bit more holiday cheer to their life.  

4. A Form of Appreciation

Send a holiday card, email, text message or even make a phone call to someone who has positively impacted your life. Appreciation goes a long way so, make sure those who have meaningfully added to your life know how much you value them.  

5. Be Kind

Kindness goes a long way so, be courteous to those you come across. A simple smile or small conversation with someone you always see on your morning commute to school or work could be more impactful than you think. You never know what others are going through so always walk in mindfulness and be good to others.