5 Tips for Surviving Finals this Semester


We’re winding down to the last bit of what’s left of the semester which means finals are right around the corner. It’s almost inevitable to not feel overwhelmed with a bunch of deadlines to meet. Time seems to speed up and suddenly we find ourselves pulling all-nighters that often leave us fatigued and barely sane.

If you’re in this boat and are beginning to feel a compilation of these emotions we’ve got you covered. Here we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to make finals week less of a hassle and more of a breeze. If done right you’ll survive it with flying colors.


1. Don’t forget to sleep!
Contrary to popular belief, sleep is quintessential. To ensure your mind is refreshed and ready to tackle the exams you have ahead, you must get enough of it. Though, cramming and pulling all-nighters is tempting be sure to give yourself more than enough time to prepare, study and rest. Exhaustion doesn’t aid in memory retention plus stretching out the course loads you have to study for leaves you less stressed than the student who tries to study the night before exam day.

2. Get rid of distractions!
We’ve all been in a place where we are supposed to be studying but instead, are scrolling through social media or checking our phones every five minutes to see what our friends are going back and forth about in the group chat so turn it off. Yes, turn your phone off and get done what you intended to. Your grade will thank you and you will thank you.

3. Make a schedule and actually stick to it.
If you made it this far in the semester without a planner, I don’t know how you did it because planners are a God-sent for every college student. Nevertheless, whether you do or don’t have one make sure you make a schedule of all you have to get done as well as when you’ll be setting time aside to study and actually stick to it. Write everything down, check it off and watch yourself overcome feeling overwhelmed. 

4. Exercise.
Chances are stress will come creeping up at our most vulnerable times as students, during finals. To combat this and win the fight, exercise and stay active to release any worry and nervousness you may be having about exams. Utilize your University’s resources (i.e. campus gym) and set time during the week to go work out, you’ll feel much better and be more than ready to tackle whatever finals week may bring. 

5. Nutritious Eating Is A Must!
Nutrient-rich foods often get overlooked during this time of the semester and for some, all semester so make it your duty to eat a balanced meal that feeds your mind and your body. You want to make sure your brain has the right stuff to keep it going which includes foods. I know we’re all busy and the cheapest and fastest meals tend to “get the job done” but, you’ll realize once you feel sluggish that eating something more wholesome was the better route to go.