Bag Authentication 101: Spotting A Fake


Fashion designers have monogram designs seen all over the world. Louis Vuitton, Gucci and MCM just to name a few all have signature styles. We also know about the signature CC from CHANEL. Replicating these signature styles is risky and may not always accurately portray the fashion designers authentic design. Though, you may feel like you're saving while getting the same expensive look for less you might be missing out on that 'convincing' apperance you were looking for. So, here are some indicators to look out for when identifying a real designer bag from a fake one.

Real vs Fake: Louis Vuitton
There are various styles of LV bags and some are pretty obvious to spot. LV bags are one of the most replicated bags seen today. The first give away in determining it's authenticity is the patina, or lack there of.

This is an example of patina, tanned vachetta leather that always ends up looking this golden or even brown color. This color appears when it is exposed to light and is in repeated contact with your hands from holding. Wherever the vachetta is it will tan. Some people don't like patina because it makes the bag looked aged but, it’s something replicas can never have. Patina proves your item is authentic. Some replicas may seem patinated but you can tell its not genuine patina when it has that pink undertone as its pictured below. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.47.19 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.47.27 AM.png

This faux Speedy is from a replica bag website. This is what you call a bad fake. LV has a red bonding glue that hold the handles and/ or tags together, that is what this bag tried to mimic by adding red paint to the sides. The first picture of the authentic LV bag shows aged red bonding glue and you can clearly see the difference as the red is not as bright and appears more glossy. The glue is not sticky on the authentic bags either versus some of the fake ones. This is also a  bad fake because of the monogram. They did craft it so one side is upside down, but the color of the designs are brown.

Real vs Fake: CHANEL
CHANEL is such an iconic brand but, their bags tend to be the most easiest to replicate. Quite frankly it’s hard for me to even spot the difference sometimes and with a lot of good CHANEL fakes, identifying if its authentic or not can be a bit more challenging. The 2.55 and boy bag are often the most replicated bags. 

From a far you really can’t spot the difference from these two bags but, once you are up close you can spy the flaw in the CC, diamond design, and hardware color. The video below explains it all in detail.

Websites like Tradesy and TheRealReal are great sites to purchase from if you want to take the vintage route. It ensure's you'll get an authentic bag. Tradesy has a policy where you get a real bag or your money back and TheRealReal is a consignment online store where people send their preloved bags to experts for inspection of its condition and authenticity. You can ensure that what you buy on there is in fact genuine. eBay is also a good place to find designer bags so don't be afraid to buy from there either! Just always proceed with caution with whichever buying route you take.

Happy shopping!