4 Natural Beauty Hacks for Clearer Skin this Summer


With both the sun and school out, summer is the season for deep tans, sandy hair, flings, and much needed relaxation. But with all that sun comes sweat, which breeds clogged pores, meaning breakouts, meaning stress. And summer is not the season of stress! So we’ve laid out four stress-free, inexpensive, and virtually effortless 'Summer Skin Hacks for Clearer Skin'.

Image Source, BlackGirlLongHair

1. Lemon & Baking Soda

This hack is listed first because it is the holy grail. Don't go crazy (and broke) searching for the perfect exfoliant, this combination of all natural household items is the end all be all of deep cleansing. Cut a thin slice of lemon, coat it with baking soda and massage it on the entirety of your face. For the deepest scour, grab an old toothbrush, wet it, apply the soda once more and attack any problem areas.

The lemon’s antibacterial properties cleanse the skin of impurities and dirt buildup, while the baking soda’s gentle scrub brush out excess gunk and blackheads; perfect for anyone with acne and acne scarring. The lightening properties of this hack means you can use it on your bacne and for hyperpigmentation of underarms.

Daily use on the face is not recommended due to the somewhat harsh acidity of lemons. For a gentler cleanse, swap out your lemon slice for some honey.

2. Ice

Not only is this hack simple and effective, but what could be more natural than just water? It’s summer, so you have ice stocked up, now put it to use in your skincare routine. We know hot water opens the pores, and cold closes them. You can’t get colder than ice, so ditch the cold rag and pick up a cube. Once you’ve thoroughly cleansed your face, massage the cube in circular motions until the ice has dissipated. Your pores will be closed, preventing the day’s sweat and other sun productions from penetrating your skin as easily and causing blemishes. You’ll look like you’ve paid for a professional facial but have only paid a cent.

3. Olive Oil & Brown Sugar

Now this hack is also an exfoliant, but can be used for the entire body! We often neglect our bodies for the sake of our faces. One way to use this mixture is as a sort of shaving cream. Let’s say you’re in the shower; you’ve cleaned your whole body and are ready to shave your legs. From your prepared container of two teaspoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of brown sugar, spread the mix onto your leg completely. Massage thoroughly and begin the shaving. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have unbelievably smooth legs that are soft-to-the-touch. Massage the remainder of  the concoction onto your body and rinse off.

The resulting incredibly smooth feel of your skin is a result of the amazing moisturizing power of olive oil, and the removal of dead skin cells by the brown sugar.

The brown sugar may be too harsh for some to use a facial scrub so why not use it on your body instead.

4. Rosewater & Vegetable Glycerin

Once you’ve cleansed, exfoliated, and closed up the pores of your face and body, you’ll need a sealant moisturiser of sorts. Both of these do the job. Rosewater’s many benefits include ph balancing, toning, scar healing, hydrating, and cooling the skin. Vegetable glycerin is also known for its healing properties. Any burns, scars, wrinkles, scratches, or bites can be treated with this sweet to touch and taste blessing. We may not all have these two laying around the house; you may purchase them together here, or seperately here and here. Neither rosewater nor glycerin will break the bank, but ladies, if you’d like to hone your feminine energy by making rosewater yourself, find out how here. You’ll be left with a smooth, glowing look.