Back to School Hacks: 5 Time Management Tips for College Students


Summer is almost over which means school is right around the corner. If you haven’t been thinking about how you’ll be organizing your time this semester we’ve got you covered.

Check out our top five time management tips to ensure you’re your most productive this semester. 

1. Write Everything Down

Many of us are juggling a million and one different things and sometimes a task or two may slip our mind so, write everything down.

Organizers are perfect for this, track your daily to do’s and check each one off as you go. Whether it’s finishing up an assignment, studying for an exam or meeting with an advisor, write it all down. You'll quickly notice how much more you're able to get done once you clearly see it written down on paper. 

2. Where does your time go?

Organize and delegate your time wisely. Once the semester starts and you have all syllabi in hand that’s your cue to figure out how you’ll be efficiently and effectively organizing your time.

With only 24 hours in the day it can quickly become overwhelming balancing all the tasks at hand. So, when organizing your time figure out how long you’ll spend on homework, studying, etc.? Make every single minute count. 

3. One Task at a Time

Bouncing from task to task often leaves a bunch of different things undone. Shifting our focus to one thing at a time is more efficient and allows us to give our all to what it is we are doing. Check things off one task at a time then move on to the next one, you’ll get more done that way. 

4. Understand Your Distractions

We all at one point or another get bombarded by life’s distractions but understanding those distractions can help us better tackle them.  

Be transparent with yourself when it comes to loosing focus and start maximizing your time more efficiently. 


5. Build a Routine

Implementing a daily routine into your schedule is extremely helpful in moving forward with your goals. Establish a weekly or monthly routine to keep your life balanced and productive.