Treat Yourself: My Very First Facial


First thought upon the day I turned 25 was about my skin. While still very much young and free-spirited, I found that I was following all the remedies from my grandmother and “take off your makeup,” my mother often said, a lot more these days. Black soap, witch hazel, coconut oil, and one mask a week was my holy grail of skincare for as long as I could remember. However, recently I found myself thinking about ways I could boost my regime and skin glow for summer. From friends, I heard great things, about spa visits, the talk especially surrounded facials. 

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Now was the time to treat, myself to a well overdue spa visit and so the research for the perfect spa begun. After lengthy searches and little to no clue of what to look for, I went with what any internet expert would do and took my search to Groupon. The site seemed like the appropriate place to find a great spa for the right price. Helping to curate the perfect list of potential places I decided to go with SnF Spa, in Midtown, Manhattan. Specializing in lashes and facials— SnF caught my attention with their deep cleansing facial for $30. 

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After visiting the company’s website, I scheduled an appointment, and upon completion, I received a confirmation email and text message. On the day of my facial, I was greeted by lovely SnF employees to sign in, and shortly after, was offered water or tea while I waited for Jane—my facial associate, to meet with me. 

Now to the fun part, the facial. The lights dimmed as I drifted away into a facial abyss. Jane cleaned my skin, placed a hot towel on my face for steaming and procured a good nap on my behalf. Its safe to say my first ever spa visit was a success. I was pleased to see my skin glowing! 

While I’m all for the D.I.Y homemade face masks and at home spa treatments, I encourage you to treat yourself once in a while. You deserve it!

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